General Questions

How does it work?

Boosting your CSGO rank is as simple as 3 steps. Select the boosting service, fill in your order details and make payment! Once your order has been confirmed one of our professional players will be assigned and begin boosting. It's as easy as that. We will let you know once your order has been completed.


Do you use cheats?

Definitely no. We have a team of professional and very skilled players that fulfil all orders naturally. We gaurantee our services are 100% safe and legit.


Do you boost using bots - vertigo boosting?

No. Vertigo boosting is not considered safe. All orders are fulfilled by professional players. No bots are involved whatsoever in our service.



Will I get banned for using your service?

Of course not! Our services are 100% safe and natural. Our professional players do not cheat or play against bots. It is not possible to receive a ban from our service.


How can I be sure you are not going to steal my items?

We are a very reputable company who value our customers, that is repeat customers. Without our customers, we'd have no business. However, we do have protective measures so it is impossible to steal your items. After placing your order you are required to turn Steam Guard Off. This will disable any trading for 7 days. Do not worry, you will also be protected by other procedures once Steam Guard is off. 

Boosting & Payment Options

How long will it take you to get my desired rank?

It will depend on a few factors so we can't tell you exactly how long it will take. Factors include the size of your order, the timezone of your region and the availability of our boosters. It can take a couple of days and sometimes it can be finished within few a hours. However you can check the status of your order at anytime in our Members area. 


Can I watch the booster who is playing on my account?

Yes! You can watch every game that is being played on your account.

Can I play on my account during boost?

We prefer to complete your order without any breaks but for sizable orders we are flexible. Make sure to let us know via email or live chat! However, playing ranked or competitive games during our boosting service is prohibited and can end in the cancellation of your order. You are only allowed to play community games.

How can I pay for boosting?

Currently we offer 2 methods of payment and accept PayPal & all credit/debit cards.


I've made an order and paid, now what?

After payment, you will receive instructions to prepare your account for boosting! Once this has been completed a booster will be assigned to begin your order. You can track the status of your order by logging into our members area.

No one has played on my account for hours now, why is this?

There are several reasons why this can happen. You may have provided incorrect account details or your account has not been properly prepared for boosting. Other issues could be server problems. Please contact us through Live Chat or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I want to change my booster, can i do this?

Certainly! If you are not satisfied  with your current booster please contact us and we’ll arrange a swap right away!

Can i contact the booster outside the game?

No, if a booster does contact you outside of a game, please report this and we will provide you a free boosting service gift. Please do not offer your contact details to our boosters. If we do find out you have, you will be permanently banned from our services.